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Fri Jan 18
- 1/2 day early release

Mon Jan 21
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- Wed Jan 23 (A/B)
- Thu Jan 23 (C/D)

Mon Jan 28
- Semester 2 begins

Fri May 10
- AP CSP Exam 12pm

In case of Fire Drill
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Fri Jan 18, 2019

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


a computer is…

a device that accepts input, stores data, and processes it in some way to produce an output


Purpose The intended goal or objective of the innovation
Function How the innovation works (consumes/produces data)

An impact, result, outcome of the innovation

- Explain and put into context
- Relate to economy, society, or culture
- Connect to a group or individual

Feature An "extra" attribute or aspect of an innovation
Culture A group of people: example - football players, students with asthma
Economy A group of people with similar economic interests, or whose jobs or industry are similar (Netflix put Blockbuster out of business)
Society Be specific - whose society? which society?
Data Think of what types of files are being used, saved, sent - what is the input and output? Not the sensors or transmission method (cameras, cables, chip readers, etc)
Storage How big are the files? how will everything be stored? What problems are there?
Security What might happen if data is accessed? Hacking can be mentioned here.
Privacy What can someone do with the data if they are able to get it?

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