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Fri Sep 28
- Senior Picnic

Tue Oct 2
- AP CSP Field Trip

Fri Oct 5
- Half Day Early Release

Sat Oct 13
- Homecoming Dance

Fri May 10
- AP CSP Exam 12pm

In case of Fire Drill
- go out by cafeteria
- cross the bus loop t
- D266 meets at the far right side

Tuesday Sep 25, 2018

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


a computer is…

a device that accepts input, stores data, and processes it in some way to produce an output

  • Test: How secure is my password?
    - DO NOT put your real password in here - make up one that is similar
  • College Board Portfolio setup:
    - log in to your College Board account
    - Join Code 41ESVP
  • View: Imitation Game
  • Discuss: Operators in C
    (x++, x--, x*5, usefulness of mod to generate a random number within a certain range)
  • Join: (this is a github classroom where you can submit CS50 assignments)
  • Complete: Fahrenheit
    - you should be able to run style50, check50 and submit50 now
  • Review: Explore Task Rubric

Web Design

  • All Pixlr Lessons:
    - due on blogs by Wed/Thu this week

  • Complete: html_lesson_3 - images
    - (due by Wed/Thu this week)

  • Create: index.html
    (due by Wed/Thu this week)
    make a new file in notepad++, call it index.html, and save it in your desktop web design folder
    - add links to your three lessons
    - when ready I can show you how to upload your pages to your website

  • Complete: html_lesson_4 - using color codes
  • Complete: html_lesson_5 - working with fonts and text styles

  • All caught up?
    - help others
    - make your index page more interesting to look at
    - play around with adding a test.html page if you like


  • Test: How secure is my password?
    - DO NOT put your real password in here - make up one that is similar
  • Google Drive
    - take some time to organize your drive into color coded folders
    - leave the Google Classroom folders alone, but you should make new folders for subjects you are taking this term
  • Digital Journal Entry: Write about a piece of technology that has had a large impact on your life. Add details to explain why this is (or was) important to you. Let's leave out phones, laptops, and headphones... think of something else
    - include the date on your slide and move it up to the top of the slide show (chronological order)
  • Complete: Word Puzzle
    - put your name on this and turn it during class
  • Practice: Map Puzzles
  • Continue: Course F

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