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Wed Feb 28
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Thu this week

Mon Feb 26, 2018 - week 4 (A/B/D/C)

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Digital Literacy II

Web Design

  • Quiz 1 - Thu Mar 1 (vocabulary, and info from any lesson so far)

  • Complete: html_lesson_5 - working with fonts (due online by Tue Feb 27)

  • Complete: html_lesson_6 - aligning images within text (due online by Thu Mar 1)

  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_7 - using lists

  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_8 - line break, inline frames

  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_9 - using internal CSS styles

  • From now on all your html lessons will be graded online from your x10 website
    - be sure once you upload files that you check back to be sure there are no errors and everything works as you expect it to...


AP computer Science Principles

    Reference College Board: AP CSP Student Task Guidelines
    - Create Task Guidelines are on pages: 9 -12
    - Create Scoring Rubic

    • Read: Security Vulnerabilitis Explained with Rivers and Parties

    • Complete: Albert.io for February B
      * Remember that the exam guide has some differences...
      1. Arrays/Lists start from an index of 1 (not zero)
      2. Don't worry about code syntax (such as == for comparison) - it could show up as = in the psuedocode

    • Continue: Pygame: Space Shooter Tutorial
      -- go through the steps in the Space Shooter Game - we will talk about how graphics run better with HD screen & the laptops will be better for using the pins/lights/boards... but you should still code the game out to learn - there are a lot of valuable lessons included in this tutorials. Also, the videos explain the code in more detail than the text only versions - you can take turns running your program on the one HD monitor that we have - or hook up the pi to your own laptop (if you have one) - we can also try to get Pygame installed on the computers

    • We will also start Python Pi GPIO tutorials - these will work well with the Pi and the laptops
      - coming soon...

Students - with Famous Guy (David Malan)

Me - with same Famous Guy

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