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Friday Oct 19, 2018

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect


a computer is…

a device that accepts input, stores data, and processes it in some way to produce an output

  • Complete: The Internet is for Everyone - Part I & Part II
    With a partner - skim the document and look at the 9 "Internet is for everyone - but it won't be if..." and discuss the challenges laid out at the end
    - Blog Post:
    - everyone
    will pick one or two of the challenges that are the most meaningful to you, or relate to some experience you've had - explain what you picked and why

  • Complete: Delta Math - Ygritte

  • Complete: Lab 2
    - create a MadLibs game
    - you come up with the story and set up the variables
    - gather variables input from the user, and then print out the results
    - include at least a few different categories - noun, verb, place, part of the body, emotion, etc....
    - test this out in class
    - put this into the labs folder...

  • All caught up?
    Begin/Continue: ISBN
    helpful info:
    - the number could be too big for an int so use long long
    - this time you know the number is 10 digits so some type of loop will be useful

Web Design

  • Complete: html_lesson_7 - lists
  • Complete: html_lesson_8 - line breaks, inline frames
    - html_7 & html_8 due online by Fri Oct 19
  • Complete: html_lesson_9 - internal CSS styles
  • Complete: html_lesson_10: page layout (header/content/footer & comments)
  • Complete: html_lesson_11: simple horizontal menu
  • Complete: html_lesson_12: background tile images, adding a google form
  • Complete: html_lesson_13: special characters, blockquote
  • Complete: html_lesson_14: image borders, Google fonts

  • All caught up?
    - help others
    - make your index page more interesting to look at now that you know more html
    - play around with adding a test.html page if you like


  • Read: Submarine Cables - FAQ
  • View: Submarine Cable Map
  • Journal Post - Submarine Cables
    - Be sure to put this slide near the top and add the date and title
    - answer the following questions - not with just yes or no - add an explanation
    1. Is it true that sharks biting the cables is a problem?
    2. Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break?
    3. Who uses submarine cables?
    4. How thick is a cable?
    5. How does fiber-optic technology work with the cables?
    6. What did you find most interesting about the cables?

  • Continue: Scratch Classroom (White Day)
  • Continue: Scratch Classroom (Blue Day)
    - tutorials to be completed _ be sure to save these as projects so I can view them
    1. Getting Started
    2. Make Music
    3. Make it Fly
    4. Let's Dance
    5. Animate a Name
    6. Fashion Game
    7. Create a Virtual Pet

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