Upcoming Events

Thu/Fri Jan 25/26
- Finals

Tue Jan 30
- Semester II begins

Office Hours
Tue & Thu this week


Wednesday Jan 24, 2018 - Week 4 (A/B/D/C)

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Intro to CS

  • Presentations:
    Final Project
    journal and presentation
    - be sure your journal and presentation are in your Google Folder for me to review

Web Design

  • Final Project Website
    - Part II - Coding and Design Process - final site due Wed Jan 24, 2018
    - be sure to check your site "live" to be certain all your files are uploaded and work correctly
    - remember to upload your web folder to your Google Drive (to have just in case you want them later)

AP computer Science Principles

  • Reference College Board: AP CSP Student Task Guidelines

  • Homework: Python Lab 2
    - due by start of class on Wed Jan 24
  • Begin: Practice Create using the 'aliens' program
    Part I - make a new version of your aliens program
    - it needs to include a function that calls 2 other functions
    - include a 4th function that accomplishes a task

    Printed results could include:

    Total number of aliens
    Total number of bad aliens
    A list of bad aliens
    Count and score total for each good alien
    Overall Score for the good aliens

  • Continue: Python
    - keep going - and move on to terminal apps and using file i/o

Students - with Famous Guy (David Malan)

Me - with same Famous Guy