Web Design - Assignments




week 4: Feb 26 - Mar 2

  • Quiz 1 - Thu March 1 (view vocabulary page, and past assignments)

  • Complete: html_lesson_5 - working with fonts ( due by end of class on Tue Feb 27)
  • Complete: html_lesson_6 - aligning images within text (due by end of class on Thu Mar 1)

  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_7 - using lists
  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_8 - line break, inline frames
  • Begin/Complete: html_lesson_9 - using internal CSS styles



week 3: feb 11 - Feb 16


week 2: Feb 5 - Feb 9

  • View: Point of View
  • View: Change Your Photo Perspective
  • Homework: Point of View Assignment
    - be sure your photos are something you shoot outside of class
    - due for next class meeting (Wed/Thu this week)

  • View: Rule of Thirds - landscape
  • View: Rule of Thirds - general subjects & video
  • Homework: Rule of Thirds Assignment
    - be sure these are photos you shoot outside of class
    - due for first class meetings next week: (Mon/Tue)

  • Set up an X10 account and send me your website name
    - use your own email account as the SHS one's sometimes have trouble coming through

  • Upload: your index.html file from the desktop to your Google Drive Folder
    - eventually all your work will go on your x10 websites, but for now put each lesson in your folder so I can view it

  • Complete: Pixlr Practice Assignments
    - Lesson 1 - filters
    - Lesson 2 - crop, resizing
    - Lesson 3 - magic wand, layers, color selection
    - Lesson 4 - clone stamp tool
    - Lesson 5 - combining photos
    - Lesson 6 - adding text

  • Logo Design: at least three logos for your practice website
    - for now make them each 800px wide by 150px high 
    - you will need these later for our html lessons
    - create a folder called images inside of your web folder on the desktop & put the logo images in there

  • Complete: html lesson 2 - headings, hyperlinks
  • Complete: html_lesson_3 - images


Week 1: Jan 30 - Feb 2

  • Discuss: Class Expectations & Course Overview
  • Review: Work Rubric
  • Review: Academic Honesty Policy

  • Set up a Google folder for this class and share it with me at: mkelly@sandwich.k12.ma.us
    - Give the folder your name and subject... for example: Harry Potter Web Design

  • Set up Web Design Technology Blog
    - go to blogger.com and set up a blog for this class
    * if you would prefer to use another blogging site (wordpress, weebly, etc) that is also fine
    - send me a link to your blog

  • Complete: html lesson 1 - getting started (we will complete this together in class)

  • Set up an X10 account and send me your website name