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1/2 Day Early Release
Wed Dec 20

Office Hours
Thursday this week


Wednesday Dec 13, 2017 - week: 3 (C/A/D/B) BWBWB

Mission Statement:
Our technology class runs smoothly
and all members treat each other and the work with respect

Intro to CS

  • 3D Printer - find an model using Thingaverse
    - we can set up printing time if you like

Web Design

  • Project 2: Biography Website - due date Fri Dec 22
    - do not delay in getting these done... use your time well

  • Final Project Website
    - Part I - Planning Process - in Google Folder by Friday Jan 5th
    - Part II - Coding and Design Process - final site due Friday Jan 19, 2018

AP computer Science Principles

Explore Task: The harmful effect has to be tied to the intended purpose of the innovation.  That is why hacking can be a security/privacy concern, but not a harmful effect.  Likewise high cost can not be considered a harmful effect. Try the "so what" test.

Reminder from College Board: “You must provide acknowledgements for the use of any media or program code used in the creation of your computational artifact that is not your own.”

  • Continue/Complete: Explore Task for College Board
    - We will talk in class about the expectations and process for finalizing and submitting the task sections to College Board

  • Complete: AP CSP Practice Exam

  • Continue: Intro to Python Course

Students - with Famous Guy (David Malan)

Me - with same Famous Guy